Dave – The Creator

Dave is a registered nurse who has a passion for healthcare and has been a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years. Dave grew up in Mid-Michigan and it is there that he discovered his passion for fitness, diet and nutritional supplementation. He received an associate’s degree in Environmental Science, and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health & Safety Management. While working as an Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator for a large manufacturing company he decided that healthcare was his calling, and went back to school to earn a degree in Nursing. Being dedicated to helping people, Dave works as a RN in a local hospital and is the proud developer of Kloud Energy.

Gabriel – Product Safety &  Management Specialist

Gabriel’s background is in science and business management. He has worked as a regional manager for an international food safety biotech company since 2001 and has had the privilege of consulting many of the top food companies on food safety matters. His career has taken Gabriel around the world and has given him a deep understanding of product manufacturing and safety. His formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a MBA from University of Michigan Flint. Both his friendship with Dave and business success in the highly technical field of food safety made Gabriel an ideal partner for Dave to launch Kloud Energy.

A Special Note From Dave

Being into health, fitness, and weight lifting since high school, I’ve tried just about every sports supplement on the market including energy drinks and pre-workout formulas. Over the years, the amount of caffeine in energy products has drastically increased as has the amount of caffeine consumed by people on a regular basis. The problem with this is that too much of anything is always bad. I decided that people need an alternative…something better!

After doing extensive research while in nursing school on how brain chemistry works, I found that there is more to ‘energy’ than just physically feeling awake. There are other major aspects: feeling motivated, excited, and getting your brain working. And the best part is that all of this can be done with just vitamins, amino acids, and nootropics!

I purchased all of the ingredients, experimented with the combination, and it worked! I felt energized, focused, and in a great mood! This formula made it easier for me to tackle a demanding shift at work, sit through a long day in class, and pull all-nighters studying for exams…often in the same day!

Another outcome of taking Kloud Energy was that I found myself drinking less caffeine on a regular basis. I finally realized that I was feeling great all of the time, and no longer needed caffeine! I thought to myself “The world could really benefit from this!” At that moment, Kloud Energy was born.


This product will not only help those with active lifestyles, but also the average hard working person trying to get through their busy day. Welcome to the revolution in energy and enjoy!