Make sitting through a boring class or an all-night study session a little easier by powering up energy, memory and concentration to help you achieve that “A” you’ve been striving for.


Laser focus and long lasting energy without the “Spike & Crash”….perfect for cross-fitters and long distance athletes.

Hard Working People

Long day at the office? Stay motivated and energized without having to return to that coffee pot again for your next fix.


Let’s not forget the person who works hard to keep the family together. Even mom could use the extra motivation and boost of energy to help run all the errands and keep up with the kids.

Individual Results May Vary

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I was shocked how long I had energy and clarity.  I took just one pill first thing in the morning and had energy all day.  It gave me what I needed through the evening with my children after a long day at work.

Architectural Design - St. Louis, MO

My entire career has revolved around sports, fitness, and sports nutrition. Throughout that time I have tried almost every nutritional supplement available…with mixed results. Consequently, I was skeptical about Kloud Energy. However, it met and exceeded my expectations! Not only did it give me the boost that it claimed, but I feel it is the first “energy” supplement that is perfect for everyone…regardless of profession or activity level.

Master Personal Trainer / Professional Baseball Player - El Paso, TX

I was killing it at work when I took Kloud Energy in the morning. I felt alert, and found it easier to concentrate. My productivity nearly doubled.

IT Professional - Saginaw, MI

I’ve taken energy supplements from pills to drinks regularly over the past 10 years and have never truly felt the effects I wanted. I always felt energized for about an hour but then felt more tired after the stimulants wore off. When I first tried Kloud Energy, I was pretty sure it was going to be just like everything else. I took my first dose in the morning and was surprised how I felt. I didn’t feel over stimulated or jittery. It was as if someone completely wiped away the morning tiredness. I was more aware and focused all throughout the day. I even had enough energy in the evening to get a few projects done at home. This is a one of a kind product and there was no stimulant rollercoaster.

Chemist - Washington, MO

I felt a sudden moment of delight that lasted a long time. This stuff really works!

Auto Mechanic - Saginaw, MI

This stuff is awesome for studying for exams. It helped me stay awake and I was able to memorize information a lot easier. I won’t study again without it.

Nursing Student - Frankenmuth, MI